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$dispatcher = JDispatcher::getInstance();

Use the above code in any Joomla extension(PHP file) so that it will loads the social share icons.

          This is a content plugin which replace the particular tag to the social share icons such as Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+.

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Here we have four social share icons. Each icon have the options such as,

                                                 1. Share

                                                 2. Layout

                                                 3. Custom Icon

                                                 4. Select Icon

                                                 5. Ordering

                                                 6. Social Share Hover Effect

1. Share:

          Share have two options Show or Hide. If we choose Show it will Enable the Social Share Icon Button. If we choose Hide, the Social Share Icon Button will be Disable.

2. Layout:

          In Layout it have the count options. Which shows, which count will takes place for the particular icon.

               Facebook Share have following Layout options,

                                                   a) Box Count

                                                   b) Button Count

                                                   c) Button

                                                   d) Icon Link

                                                   e) Icon

                                                   f) Link

               Linkedin Share have the Layout options such as,

                                                   a) Count Top

                                                   b) Count Right

                                                   c) Count None

               Twitter Share have the Layout options such as,

                                                   a) Count Horizontal

                                                   b) Count Vertical

                                                   c) Count None

              Google+ Share have the Layout options like,

                                                   a) Count Bubble

                                                   b) Count Vertical Bubble

                                                   c) Count None

3. Custom Icon:

          By using this option we can custom the icon images as our wish.

Here also we have two options such as Show or Hide. By using Show option we can Enable the Custom Icon option, and the Hide will Disable the Custom Icon option.

 4. Select Icon:

          Select Icon option is used to select the Custom Image by giving image path.

5. Ordering:

          Ordering is used to Sort the Social Share icons such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Google+. Here we have Ordering options 1, 2, 3 and 4.

6. Social Share Hover Effect:

          If we Enable the Hover Effect, while we hover on Custom image the opacity will get change. Otherwise no effect will takes place while hover on Custom image.